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Helen Frolova — Photographer in Boracay

Hi, I am Helen Frolova. I am a photographer. Photography has become part and parcel of my life. My hobby turned into the most enjoyable job as I help my customers capture and keep the ever brightest and happiest moments of their lives. I take snaps on land, under water and in the sky Ė Iíll follow you wherever youíd like to head to in search of unforgettable impressions and capture you on a camera.

For the last few years I have been living and working on Boracay island. It is in the centre of the Philippine archipelago. So, you can both have a rest at one of the most exotic resorts of the planet and do a romantic photoshoot on a white sand beach. I will be happy to become your personal photographer in Boracay. You may choose either Wedding photo shoots, unhackneyed Love Story, individual photoset, underwater photo session or whatever allowed by your fantasy. I will help your most original desires come true. Beach shoot vast experience lets me allege to be just a photographer in Boracay you would really like to work for you. Much depends on a photographer. It is he who sets the mood the session success relies on.

Ponder over our mundane haste and fuss. Years fly away in everyday business and incessant rush. And it comes to the point when we canít remember outstanding events of our lives and even ourselves being younger. Maybe itís worth taking a break for a while. Why not to devote more time to yourself, your nearest and dearest? Why not to set off for emerald coasts seas and to appear the main character of your own photo-history?

Overseas trip to customersí destination is available.

Helen Frolova — your photographer in Boracay
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