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Dancing Bird (Olga Î.))
Whichever girl doesn’t wish of a beach shoot? I am not an exception. Having planned to go on holidays to Boracay island (the Philippines), I realized that it was high time to make my dream come true. All the more this island is famous for its picturesque landscapes, unbelievably white and tender send and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But the problem was — where to find “that very” professional Russian speaking photographer thousands kilometers away from home. Truly speaking, I didn’t believe my venture would work. But, “Google helps” and, in a few seconds, to my great surprise, I got a short list of Russian speaking photographers in Boracay.
Then, I had to choose the best photographer from the list. First of all, I’d picked up those having a website or even a page in social networks for me to scan their portfolios and read the responses. I was lucky to have had photoshoots with a professional photographer before. So, I had a clear concept of the desirable picture qualities. I had featured Helen Frolova at once. First of all, I liked her website: “rich” portfolio, all the necessary information on her services and contact data. Secondly, I liked Helen’s photos — colourful, depicting fascinating scenes, capturing impressions. I also admired the way Helen processed photos which is very important to get a good effect.
I sent Helen a message to her VKontakte webpage. We discussed would –be- dates of shoot and I also asked her on the photographing procedure. I shared my expectations, ideas of images and Helen suggested her pieces of advice I didn’t believe until the last minute my idea could become a reality. :-)
On arriving in Boracay we agreed to meet. I was anxious… Questions tortured me: «Will she come……», «Hasn’t she changed her mind?», «Could I, being an introvert, disclose myself while photoshoot?»
She has come... Fair Helen, a lady with a sunny smile. So positive!
We discussed in details images and shoot site. Helen was enthusiastic about my idea of taking a snap with a snake. Actually, we didn’t have a slightest idea of getting a snake and if it is possible.
So, the set day arrived. Helen had chosen a small beach Ilig-Iligan for our session. The beach was practically deserted which suited me so much. And…. it all swirled….Whatever hadn’t we done with Helen! We climbed the tree, jumped, crawled on the sand, I “was knotted”, sea waves knocked me down…And all was for the sake of cherished photos and desirable effect.
Helen, thank you for your professional gusto and glint in the eyes! Thank you for putting life into your work! So much emotions and impressions! Due to your positives, lightness and incessant energy 4 session hours flew away unnoticed. I have been thinking about that session as of an exciting adventure in Boracay. Especially I couldn’t forget being photographed with a python;-)))) It was great fun!!!
Now I have startling photos which cherish the memory about unforgettable holiday in the Philippines. Bravo, Helen!

Christina Novikova
+1 to all responses concerning Helen’s work!
Hi, everybody! I am eager to tell you about our wedding photo shoot with Helen. I hope that my story will be helpful to those who are in search of a good photographer as I myself faced the problem of lacking data on professional photographers in Boracay. Before setting forth on a wedding journey I was thinking of a good photographer. When I saw Helen’s photos I understood that she would be a perfect pick for us in Boracay. We discussed the details of our session even before coming to Boracay. She answered all my «numerous» questions. Helen offered us plenty of all possible photoshoot options. So, even before our arrival in Boracay I had been assured of our photo session success. We met with Helen a couple of days before shoot and discussed once again our shoot schedule. Unfortunately, we weren’t especially lucky with the weather. It had been raining heavily before the set day. :(I was on tenterhooks and about to cancel our photo session but finally we'd agreed to stick to an earlier developed plan. Just on the set day it stopped raining. So, we were lucky!:) It was really nice to work with Helen. She understands her clients well and can find individual approach to people. It was a really ”live” photographing.
Initially, my husband and I were sure that 2 hours for a session is more than enough. Finally, we ended up being 5 hours which flew away as if it were a second.!!! Helen is a really professional photographer putting heart into her work. We’d like to RECOMMEND Helen to everybody now being in search of a photographer!
Helen, thank you VERY MUCH for having taken brilliant photos reminding us now of our wedding trip!


Julia Iurakova
Dear friends! We are anxious to share our gee-whiz emotions from a session with Helen! She arranged a photoshoot for us in Boracay. My husband and I have nothing to do with model business and we were absolutely unaware of photographing. But all our doubts and emotional upheaval had vanished into thin air as soon as Helen started taking pictures of us. Helen’s energy store was completely focused on us and on a final effect! We felt totally at ease with Helen. It was interesting and joyful. Even a small incident occurred during our photo session: I was covered with a sea wave and sand. What is more, I was hit so badly that my face, ears, mouth were stuffed with shells and sand. I was shocked and Helen appeared to be a tad confused either: we were in the middle of our session and I wore a make-up and etc. )))))))))) But Helen saved the situation — she approached me, cleaned my face and eyes ))) . I even didn’t look into a mirror and we went on shooting! Helen did so beautiful pictures afterwards. WowWow!))) Helen did her best while working! So, outcome: Helen was head over heels in sand (she was crawling on the sand to take a good photo), she almost lost her voice (she prompted us what and how to do))). And, we finally got terrific photos as mementos! Helen works with a professional camera and she is space and scene -aware. It’s always pleasant to deal with a professional. When work and outcome give complete satisfaction — it’s a double pleasure!!! THANK YOU very much from both of us!!!! Our Best Regards!))))

Alexandra Belyakova
Lenochka, thank you for your work. I am chuffed to bits with your photos. I am happy that I met such a wonderful photographer in my life. You are a real professional and you do the job you enjoy!!! I wish you to be involved in more interesting projects, to get more cool clients, to discover achingly beautiful landscapes and to achieve great Success!!!:)))))))

Olga Kazakova
Hurrah!!! Now I have got photos of my dream!:) Helen, thank you so much! It’s an excellent job! To take so many ideal pictures and to process them in such a professional manner gives you credit. Perfect photo session is within the power of professionals not just every good photographer. It was not my first photoshoot, but it was my first time when I got what I wanted.:))))))))))

Uri Fisenko
We have been searching for a long time for a photographer in Boracay. Only your pictures featured among others. It was obvious that you were putting life into your work. Photo is a hobby for you rather than a job. That’s why we have chosen you to arrange for our photo shoot.
We are happy to tell that it was a right choice. Photos are great. We and all our friends are delighted with the snaps you’ve taken.
Pictures are just a “bomb”. We recommend you — HELEN FROLOVA — as a photographer for all our friends going to make a trip to the Philippines.
Helen, thank you very much for a great job done! You are the best!
Ura and Veronika)

Evgeniya Miroshnichenko
It’s great that there was such a fabulous and professional photographer — Helen!!!!! It was easygoing , simple and very, very positive !!!!! Many thanks to Helen!!!! Pictures are just fine!!!)))))

Olga Victorovna
I am just delighted with photo session done by Helen! It wasn’t tiresome. It was rather professional and merry. The outcome was beyond all our expectations!!!!!!! I strongly recommend her. Photos as mementos!!!! Lenochka, you are a miracle! Oops…I have forgotten. We are old.

Angelica Smacotina
From time to time I access Helen’s Group (in VKontakte social network) to enjoy the beauty of people, relations, nature, state of mind... Helen’s cordial photos are hardly to be mixed with anything. Lenochka, you‘ve got a talent to express light and joy through photos.

Angelica Smacotina
Elenochka came to Boracay and that was one of the greatest presents for me during my pregnancy!
Helen’s photos are gee-whizz! They capture mood at the time of shoot! And I was in my high spirits! To spend time with Elenochka is just pleasure! She is so positive, light that I totally got free and took good poses for a photograph under Helen’s guidance! I suppose a photo session in the Philippines, in Boracay to be one of the brightest events during our journey!

Oh, my God, such a beauty!
I can’t stop admiring. You are just a magician.
Thank you very much for sending so many (photos) and letting me choose (: it’s a pleasure.
Those (photos) thoroughly processed are just fantastic. I got trapped by the idea of making my figure matching the one in the photos. I especially like those (pictures) — processed ones — on the cliff. Even a thought of taking up sports came on me! Your photos inspire (:
Thank you very much! I like it a lot.

Alexandra Ivanova
I have been waiting for long to do a photo shoot with Helen. I actually counted days left for my flight to Boracay. And my expectations were justified!! Helen is a HEAVEN-BORN photographer!!! I “fell in love” with the way she works!!! With Helen time glided past imperceptibly!! I felt myself being a real photo model!! I am looking forward to doing one more photo shoot!!!Lenochka!! You’VE WON MY HEART FOREVER!!!

Oksana Guminskaya
Helen is an excellent photographer!!! Photo shoot with her is like a real holiday!!! It’s easygoing, comfy and joyful!!! Lenochka, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ekaterina Tulovchikova
Helen is a really stunning photographer. She is full of ideas which she skillfully brings into being! I am very happy that it was Helen who was our wedding photographer! Lenochka, thank you so much for unusually «live» and original photos!)))) It was a great surprise when we saw ourselves in your group user pic! Your idea about grapes was just exciting! You are a wonderful photographer!!!;)))

Ulia Sergeeva
I have been eagerly waiting for getting my wedding pics.))) Photos are gorgeous and that’s it, just nothing else to add!!!! Thanks a lot, Helen, both for cool photos and for moral support (as was very nervous during the wedding ceremony). We’ll surely place you an order sometime!!! Recommend to everybody!

Christina Lukova
Len, thank you very much for photo shoot! It was just awesome!!!!!! I am chuffed!

Irina Drogon
Helen is the most unusual person I’ve ever worked with. Some, seemingly, impossible fantasy ideas have come true! Extraordinary positive emotions (in my case it was on the verge of extreme)) ) and gee whiz photos!
To crown it all, I am looking forward to getting new ones (photos);-)

Helen Korsakova
Helen, my namesake))) thank you very much!!!just so much!!! You’ve managed to organize, convince (help me to convince) my husband being a tad scared and unwilling to act as needed in some situations)))
It was our pleasure to work with you — positive, joy, easiness. I think we’ll be placing you orders again!!!!

Natalya Salikova
Helen, you’ve really got a TALENT and a superpower to stop time))) There is a zest, a mystery, certain charisma in each of your photos.))) Each photo is unusual! So many emotions and feelings))) They are as if alive. ) There is a desire to watch and to detect every detail.))) To enjoy and admire))) Everything is gee whiz!!!Bless you!!!!!))))) THANK YOU!!!

Irinka Pavlova
Helen does magic things with her camera. She captures so nice scenes that every time I see her pics I nearly scream «Well, shoot! That's a good one! I also want to have the same photo»! And the most important thing is pictures are as if «live»! And what is more, Helen is a nice person. Working with her you can open earlier even unsuspected aspects of yourself!

Darya Koval
Len, you are just a magician.... Photo shoot with you is all about positive!!!!!And photos are simply lovely.. I’ll place you an order (not once)))Thank you)))

Carina Frolova:
The best photographer ever!!!!!

Tatyana Kupriyanova:
I am chuffed to bits with Helen’s photos!!!!

Olga Grechanova:
Why…… just why don’t you live in Krasnodar!!!!!????(((((((((I fell in love with Your photos!!!!!!!!

Nastenka Volovnikova:
Fancy that!!!!!I have never seen anything so beautiful!!!! and so many photos=) so beautiful pictures!!!!

Helen Miheeva:
Beautiful!!! Helen, Your oeuvre wins the audience!!!!

Darya Koval:
Lenochka, you are just a magician!!!! Photos are delighted!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Christina Lukova:
Len, you’ve made me happy. Just delight!!!!!! Ah……. cool beans!!!!! You are a prodigious photographer!!!! Thaaaank you)))

Yana Vedmed:
Thank you for your outstanding photos with Ryazan ball!) And our special gratitude is for capturing our couple dancing mazurka))

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